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How did we get here?

Devenis was a spontaneous project, some would call it brave. I think that these two elements are very important in the process of becoming, hence the name of the project.

Training and Coaching are only a part of the services that Business Sustainable Solutions offers you, but an essential one. We are here both for companies that want to find sustainable solutions to their challenges and for people who want lasting personal development. We want all people who come in contact with us to reach their potential and overcome it.


Devenis Founder & Head Coach 


Adrian, Vice President of Marketing

Alexandra is an open and honest person with a tremendous amount of positive energy and the ability to engage the participants in the discussions to share their views.  She was always willing to help and she was very open to listening to different points of view and to consider them. She also pays great attention to details and has a bright and warm personality and a healthy sense of humor. It was very enjoyable working with her.


Prabesh Malla, Office Manager

It has been JCI Patan's greatest pleasure to have you and your remarkable insights on the interactive online session. We believe that the program was truly an interactive and fruitful session for everyone who attended it.


Tímea, Project Manager

As a project manager, one can face a lot of challenges but the one that “hurts” the most is people not engaging in your ideas/ visions. Alexandra was the one who helped me better define my goals, effectively communicate with the team and engage other people. Basically, as an introvert, this meant going wild and to get out of my cocoon. Coaching with Alexandra is always a fun, interactive and eyeopening journey!

What others say about us


Our coaching sessions can be both one-on-one and for your entire team. "Goals are just dreams followed by action." We are here to make your dreams come true.

Workshops & Trainings

We have a portfolio focused on the basic elements for skills development that will support the sustainable growth of both your company and your employees.

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What is coaching and why you would want every employee of your company to have it. For what is it used and what do you get out of a session with our coach.

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Have you heard of the saying  "many and frequent meetings are the key to great success"? Neither did we. Let's see what an effective meeting means and when it needs to take place.

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Do you have time? Well Surprise! Nobody does, time is something very independent and does not belong to anyone. What we can have are management skills.